Greg Waite, CEO and Founder of InventionShare, announced today that inventors with InventionShare’s client Circuit Seed have developed a unique new track-and-hold circuit design which reduces phase noise and jitter in amplifiers that are used in analog to digital converters (ADC) and digital to analog converters (DAC). This design can be utilized in several applications especially in the growing RF and telecom market.

The purpose of the Circuit Seed track-and-hold design is to freeze and isolate an input voltage as charge (Q=CV) on a sampling capacitor at a precisely defined point in time, independent of signal amplitude and frequency content which, up to now, has impacted that precision. It is a unique technique. This captured charge serves as an instantaneous battery of voltage (V = Q/C) for subsequent signal processing. This type of tracking capacitor is often called a flying capacitor because both sides can be switched, and its capacitance is independent of applied voltage. By using multiple switches, the voltage of the tracked analog signal is captured as charge and isolated.

The Circuit Seed track-and-hold circuit design also uses a patented sequence from track to hold, which is broken up into five logically timed event windows as summarized in the following diagram:

For more technical information on the Circuit Seed’s track-and-hold application go to Taylor, Vice President of Licensing and Acquisitions, said, “The track-and-hold circuit can be implemented in any circuit design, on its own or with other Circuit Seed designs. This gives companies the flexibility to improve existing performance of their current amplifier designs, ADCs and DACs with the track-and-hold circuit. This design is a great addition to Circuit Seed’s portfolio of solutions and offers more value for those companies interested in looking at acquiring or licensing applications from the portfolio.”

About InventionShare

InventionShare functions as a perpetual and exclusive ‘Breakthrough Invention Fund’ that creates and develops ‘Invention Companies’ rather than high risk ‘Operating Companies’. This approach dramatically accelerates the adoption of breakthrough technologies by augmenting the innovation pipeline of large global companies – for extraordinary financial outcomes and high social impact. We do this by attracting and representing credible senior inventors with a track record, through our ‘inventor friendly’ success-based model, and we support, amplify, protect and validate their seminal inventions with non-dilutive financial capital – in stark contrast to operating companies. The dramatic financial and social leverage we achieve is through our deep and distinct intellectual and relationship capital, industry and IP expertise, intelligence tools, process, diligence and discipline.

About Circuit Seed

Circuit Seed enables a new portable family of building block circuit designs for processing low power analog signals in an all-digital domain. It is based on a new complementary current field effect transistor (the CiFET) with a channel fusion for fully integrating analog functionality with unique properties while eliminating separate analog chips and external components on the circuit board. Noise is markedly reduced, and sensitivities are considerably increased. The CiFET designs use 100% digital transistor channels to overcome many traditional analog restrictions – including parametric variations and temperature sensitivities. The designs provide an ultra-linear response over an extended dynamic range and the capability of operating at low supply voltages below 800mV with low power consumption at any threshold voltage.


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