Greg Waite, CEO of InventionShare™, announced from its Ottawa office today that V.P. of Licensing Keith Taylor will be attending the Sensors Expo & Conference 2017 in San Jose. Mr. Waite said that Circuit Seed™ and its first spin off company Sensory Seed™ will be represented by InventionShare.

Circuit Seed is a team of highly experienced IC designer-inventors in the areas of analog, digital, mixed-signal, and RF design. Circuit Seed investigates, re-thinks, and successfully discovers novel approaches to circuit structures, topologies, and functionality resulting in silicon-proven optimal performance, lower-power, reduced area, scalability, and increased flexibility for deep sub-µm CMOS technologies. Circuit Seed’s strength and focus reside in the ability to create next generation, game-changing integrated circuit IP which will radically benefit those who acquire these designs for their use in their products.

Mr. Waite said, “We have the world’s most impactful ‘analog in digital’ circuits and we help manufacturers make almost every electronic device that incorporates analog substantially better. We crush the sensor market by aggregating sensor functionality on CMOS even at the smallest process nodes and we marry that with greatly enhanced full duplex, frequency agile, extended range, low noise and low power communications. It’s a match made in heaven – a critical breakthrough in the analog wall that is holding back the sensing marketplace and, indeed, IoT.”

The Sensors Expo & Conference is the largest gathering of engineers and engineering professionals involved in sensors and sensing-related technologies. For over 30 years, more than 6,000 professionals from across the nation and 40 plus countries meet to explore today’s sensor technologies and find the solutions to tomorrow’s sensing challenges. The 2017 event will host over 300 exhibitors on the Expo Floor, leading experts from the industry in the most comprehensive sensor-focused Conference Program, and unparalleled Event Features and Networking Opportunities.

Through InventionShare, Circuit Seed is currently working with several OEMs, semiconductor and sensor manufacturers and is looking for potential partners for broad adoption of the technology in a variety of industry areas. The company is also rolling out a spin off company Sensory Seed which focuses on the design of near market circuits for health and life sciences applications to improve current and future health and fitness wearables, medical devices, diagnostics, monitoring and therapeutics.

Mr. Taylor said, “We are looking forward to speaking with a number of current and potential partners, sharing the breakthrough attributes of Circuit Seed and Sensory Seed, the next generation of sensors for the health and life science market.”

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