Greg Waite, CEO of InventionShare, announced today that the company has launched Sensory Seed™ automotive sensor designs that will disrupt the automotive and transportation market by bringing the world’s best sensors and sensor communications to the automotive market. Sensory Seed is InventionShare’s first Circuit Seed vertical market; it will use Circuit Seed designs to develop the next generation of automotive sensors that feature multipurpose sensor systems integrated on a chip.

Mr. Waite said there are significant opportunities for the right company in regards to developing the next generation of mobile and vehicle sensors. The market size is expected to hit $30.90 billion by 2020, and it is anticipated that 100 percent of all vehicles will be connected by 2025 and that 75 percent of all cars will be autonomous by 2035. Vehicle sensors are extensive – some vehicles have up to 80 electronic control units (ECU) and are now featuring complexity and sophistication along with the grouping of ECUs within vehicles is already starting to happen.[1]

Sensors currently play an active role throughout the vehicle, controlling speed, water temperature, air intake, throttle position, air bags, camshaft positioning and front and rear wheel sensors. Traditional areas like entertainment and other areas such as mobility management (traffic and parking info), vehicle management (remote operations, data usage, usage supervision), driver assistance (autopilot in traffic, parking, fuel efficiency), safety and communications (collision prevention, hazard warning, emergency functions) and communications (hands free calling, text to speech and Wi-Fi) are all starting to play a more active role in the modern connected vehicle.

From a manufacturing point of view, Sensory Seed designs offer a direct path to a revolutionary new generation of multipurpose sensor systems. These provide new circuit designs on a common sensor platform of software-defined single chip sensors. This includes integrated state-of-the art processing with analog sensor electronics including high performance ADCs, DACs and wire/RF communications capability all within a single chip.

Mr. Waite said, “By standardizing sensors to a high volume programmable chip for most applications we are able to provide our manufacturing partners with increased production flexibility, lower design costs, increased reliability and, most of all, reduced size and power applications with higher performance outputs which will be the future of all automotive sensors as we see it.”

InventionShare is now looking to partner with companies supplying sensors to the automotive market who want to offer the next generation of sensors that use less power, are of smaller size and offer lower manufacturing and design costs.

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