Greg Waite CEO of InventionShare™ announced from its Ottawa office today that InventionShare’s preliminary driver assist and autonomous vehicle study shows that the Circuit Seed family of digital circuit designs for processing analog signals can potentially save literally thousands of lives by integrating these circuit designs into the next generation of automotive sensors.

Thus far the study has included an assessment of several collision avoidance sensors and a review of patents from a variety of automotive manufacturers and suppliers.

Mr. Waite said “while there are many breakthroughs with the design of current sensors and imaging techniques on the market, many are working at lower ranges of effectiveness due to the analog components currently found in their designs.  While sensors, imaging, communications and microprocessors are currently operating at significantly high speeds, eliminating the analog components and using Circuit Seed’s digital designs that do all the signal sensing and signal processing in one universal programmable chip, can save micro-seconds.  This is extremely important specifically with technology used in collision detection and avoidance, as receptivity, speed and response can be the difference between life and death.  We know we can help improve the way sensors operate and communicate and in the process perhaps save thousands of lives world-wide especially when autonomous vehicles hit the roadways in the next few years”.

The table below is a random list of patents that are part of the patent list reviewed in the preliminary study. The consensus thus far is that Circuit Seed can improve; speed, sensitivity and accuracy using less power in a smaller foot print, over these designs from various assignees and manufacturers.


Patent Number Patent Patent Owner Sensor Types Impact of Circuit Seed
US6856874B2 Multi-purpose driver assist system for a motor vehicle Robert Bosch GmbH Distance, speed, position Array of optical sensors, pre-processing receives signals, high sensitivity, low power, single chip systems.
US20080024284A1 Assistance System for Motor Vehicles Continental Automotive GmbH Rain, image, ultrasound, radar, lidar Log compression & higher sensitivity (much better dynamic range which means high quality), faster response, low power, smaller area.
US8150583 B2 Method for avoiding collision of motor vehicle towards obstacle, involves producing warning for driver of vehicle optically, acoustically and/or haptically according to different escalation stages when time interval limits are reached Daimler AG Distance, speed Array of optical sensors, pre-processing receive signals.
DE102005003274A1 Collision occurrence preventing or reducing method for use in vehicle, involves identifying obstacle using field sensor, determining data of obstacle, and determining vehicle deceleration based on the data of obstacle and data of vehicle Robert Bosch GmbH Environment, radar, lidar, video, infrared, ultrasound New sensing technique with higher sensitivity and new method of molecular sensing, High sensitivity, low power, single chip systems.
DE19738611A1 Emergency vehicle braking method using obstacle detection system – involves detecting obstacles, and only when collision is unavoidable by steering/braking, established by evaluation unit, is automatic emergency braking applied Volkswagen AG Laser, radar, speed, angle High sensitivity, low power, single chip systems.
WO2006037445A1 Method and device for warning a driver or actively intervening in the dynamics of vehicle movement in case the vehicle risks leaving a lane Daimler Chrysler AG and Gern, Axel and Moebus, Rainer and Oltmann, Volker and Regensburger, Uwe and Woltermann, Bernd and Zomotor, Zoltan Image Log compression & higher sensitivity (much better dynamic range which means high quality), faster response, low power, smaller area, new sensing technique, new method of molecular sensing, single chip systems.
DE10244205A1 Vehicle collision prevention method for preventing collision between motor vehicles uses sensors to detect a vehicle’s surroundings and its amount of movement Robert Bosch GmbH Speed, angle High sensitivity, low power, single chip systems.
US20120283895 A1 Collision probability calculation apparatus for vehicle and collision avoidance system using the same Denso Corporation Speed, angle High sensitivity, low power, single chip systems.


Ron Laurie a leading IP strategist and an avid automobile collector stated “it’s fine to be using artificial intelligence for decision making but you have to ask yourself how timely and accurate is the data on which the artificial intelligence is basing its decisions on. Fast and accurate have to go hand in hand. In these collision situations where life and quality of life are at stake, there is simply no margin for error – whether it’s for automobiles, bikes, drones or helmets”.

Through InventionShare, Circuit Seed is currently working with a number of OEM’s, semiconductor and sensor manufactures and is looking to partners for broad adoption of the technology for the automotive and transportation markets.  The company is also rolling out a spin off company, Sensory Seed™ which focuses on the design of near market circuits for health and life sciences applications to improve current and future medical device diagnostics, monitoring and therapeutics. Over 20 advanced projects have been reviewed that will provide major improvements for health care in terms of accessibility, cost, monitoring, quality and positive patient outcomes. Additionally, the life sciences team will advance the cause for public trust for water, precision agriculture and food safety and supply.

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