Greg Waite, CEO of InventionShare, announced today that InventionShare’s client Circuit Seed has developed and launched new CiFET based Data Converter circuit implementations that empower conversion between analog and digital signals within any digital or processor based system. This allows for seamless interfacing real-world analog into single on chip applications (SoC).

Mr. Waite said, “What is exciting is that these converters can be implemented in any all-digital IC processes, including nanoscale and FinFETs, to tightly integrate analog to digital signal processing into larger all the smart digital systems that are available today. This is accomplished by employing a reliable high-precision amplifier or CiAmp (Complementary Current Amplifier), and that makes them pretty special.”

There are many advantages of this new CiFET based data converter including the fact that the integrated data converter (ADC/DAC) is using a charge-based approach and has an innovative device structure.  These circuits are also the evolution and next generation of an ordinary CMOS inverter, allowing for extremely high precision, speed, linearity, low noise – and utilizes a compact physical layout using an all-digital nanoscale or a deep sub-μm IC process and analog functionality is realized, in a digital IC process, using an optimized digital logical circuit.

Other advantages include the fact that it works in any IC process including all-digital processes and there are no IC process extensions thus enabling portability between IC process including FinFETs. The converter operates best at nanoscale reduced power supply voltages around 1V and can produce analog building blocks constructed entirely from digital parts. It can be used within a small area and can offer low power, fast, stable, portable design between IC process nodes, and is easily scalable to various speed-resolution requirements.

Mr. Waite said, ”Circuit Seed and its inventors continue to be at the forefront of analog to digital conversion using digital processes, and this new CiFET based data converter circuit for integration into systems on chip applications continues to show the versatility of the inventors and their abilities to continue to create new applications that use less power, are easier to manufacture and can really make a difference going forward.”

What makes it unique is that the circuit design is self-biasing without the use of current mirrors or IC process extensions and can provide a single-ended or differential analog signal path, bi-directional positive and negative analog signals over a wide dynamic linear range. There is also high parametric drift and noise tolerance, a stable operation tolerant to individual 50% parametric deviations for high production yields and full-differential input and output available with input swings beyond rail-to-rail and output swings approaching rail-to-rail.  Power can be interrupted between conversions with instantaneous full-precision start up.

Circuit Seed is family of inventions that work together to process analog signals using 100% digital parts.  These are digital circuits and components that are configured and modified to provide the same functionality as transistors, capacitors and inductors with better performance and without the analog limitations.  They include digital designs which provide precision without precision parts, eliminating the requirement for current mirrors and matched pairs.  Circuit Seed circuit design process analog signals using 100% digital components which means they are only subject to the limitations of digital design rules and not to the analog design rules.

InventionShare is currently marketing Circuit Seed applications to large global companies interested in having leading edge applications which can improve accuracy, provide lower manufacturing costs, design time, lower power analog to digital applications.

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