Greg Waite, CEO of InventionShare, an invention equity company located in Ottawa, Canada, which links inventors and their clean-tech and social impact inventions with global companies, announced the launch of Sensory Seed™.

Sensory Seed is a new operating company just being formed after extensive research into IoT and, specifically, the burgeoning sensor market.  It will focus on developing sensor circuit design applications which will be specifically developed as components and SoCs (systems on a chip) for the health and life sciences and the automotive transportation sensor markets and will incorporate the successful Circuit Seed™ family of design applications and inventions.  These designs will achieve a significant breakthrough in the balance of power consumption, resolution and performance, all on a single SoC.

Circuit Seed designs provide the opportunity to investigate, rethink and successfully discover novel approaches to circuit structures, topologies and functionality resulting in silicon-proven optimal performance, low-power, reduced area, scalability and increased flexibility for deep sub-µm CMOS technologies. Circuit Seed’s strength and focus reside in the ability to create next generation, game-changing, integrated circuit IP which is radically benefiting those companies who are using these designs in their products.  Sensory Seed is the next generation of integrated circuit designs which will focus on and revolutionize the sensor market.

Mr. Waite said, “We have the ability to develop the world’s best “analog in digital” circuits now with Circuit Seed and we can help manufacturers make almost every electronic device with analog substantially better. We are now focusing on specific applications, like automotive and health and life sciences sensors, with Sensory Seed including the functionality of high speed, extended range and low power wireless communications.  We also know that the opportunity is significant enough to justify one or more spin-off companies that, as an operating company, can go deeper into developing near market solutions with fabless and fab partners.”

Mr. Waite also said that Sensory Seed will be able to provide significant savings in design time and testing, lowering costs and allow for the specialty manufacturing and development of hundreds and thousands of new sensor products.

Mr. Waite said, “The rationale for specifically developing Circuit Seed applications for the sensor market was the ability to provide new design opportunities to such a large market. For example, the total sensor market it is expected to be a $115B market by 2019 and the health and life sciences sensor market is expected to reach $47.4B by 2020. Add in the $30.90B automotive market by 2020 and you will have millions of sensors playing a significant role in clean-tech and social impact roles. We see literally thousands of design application opportunities for Sensory Seed.  It is expected that Sensory Seed then will provide a significant breakthrough for sensor manufacturers as they cope with moving beyond Moore’s Law and are looking for design applications to provide the size reductions and power reduction requirements needed in new product applications, as well as the need to improve the speed, accuracy, reliability and agility required in moving sensors forward.”

Mr. Waite said that InventionShare will be assisting in developing the new operating company by raising capital and will be developing partnerships and focus in on specifically working with joint-venture partners and companies interested in licensing, partnering and developing new sensor applications with Sensory Seed. This will include working exclusively with the inventors to create new product applications and focusing on the healthcare and life sciences and automotive sensor marketplace.

Mr. Waite said, “Sensory Seed is the next generation of integrated circuit designs that will revolutionize the sensor market. It has the ability to disrupt those markets by bringing the world’s best sensors and sensor communications to the world’s most exciting companies, and we see this as a major opportunity to bring about changes to the market and world around us.”

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