Mr. Greg Waite, CEO of InventionShare™ , says the company has now launched next generation integrated circuits that will revolutionize the smartwatch and fitness smartwatch category.

Circuit Seed is the ‘holy grail’ for smartwatch product and parts manufacturers as it provides the designs to utilize specific processes to convert analog and mixed signals to digital applications. Circuit Seed can help smartwatch parts manufacturers reduce the size of circuits, allowing for the reduction in the size of specific smartwatch components, reducing power consumption and heat.

Mr. Waite said, “We know a number of smartwatch parts manufacturers are struggling with power issues and it’s one of the reasons that Apple’s next generation smartwatch will not have phone connectivity – the industry is still struggling with ways to reduce the size and power needs of most of their product offerings.  We can help by converting analog and mixed signals to digital applications.  I think most smartwatch manufacturers are still dealing with issues like range and reception, speed, resolution, high fidelity audio integrity, sensitivity, accuracy, precision, offset, temperature and process variation.  With Circuit Seed we are able to help lower product costs and, at the same time, address all of these issues.”

Mordor Intelligence states that the global smartwatches market is estimated to reach USD 13.10 billion by the year 2021 from the current estimate which, as of 2016, is USD 3.70 billion. [1]

The smartwatch market is growing rapidly with new players such as Asus, Motorola, Tag Heuer, Alpina, Breitling, and Xiaomi joining Google, Apple, and Samsung, which is the current market leader with more than 65% market share. However, manufacturers need to free up even more chip space, reduce power and offer better performance – significant manufacturing challenges.

“We know parts manufacturers need to get beyond Moore’s law with the next generation of circuits, and Circuit Seed has the ability to do that with scalable, low power, reusable 20-bit accuracy digital circuit designs that can process analog signals. It’s a no brainer if you are providing parts for a smartwatch. Circuit Seed designs are now available and one company could have a significant competitive advantage with Circuit Seed,” said Mr. Waite.

InventionShare is interested in partnering with firms to assist in developing circuit designs and is offering a variety of customized applications and licensing opportunities. For information on licensing, contact Keith Taylor at

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