Greg Waite, CEO of Invention Share, announced today that the Circuit Seed™ new families of circuit building blocks for processing mixed signal designs will now allow semiconductor companies to move beyond Moore’s law in developing new generations of IoT devices that require reduced heat, size, speed and power output.

Speaking from InventionShare’s Ottawa office, Mr. Waite said the worldwide semiconductor industry has acknowledged that Moore’s law, the principle that has powered the information-technology revolution since the 1960s, is nearing its end.

Mr. Waite said that an industry road map to be released next month will, for the first time, lay out a research and development plan that is not centered on Moore’s law. For example, rather than making the chips better and letting the applications follow, it will start with applications first – such as smart phones and supercomputers to data centers in the cloud – and work downwards to see what chips are needed to support them. Among those chips will be new generations of sensors, power-management circuits and other silicon devices required by a world in which computing is increasingly mobile.

Mr. Waite said, “What we have with Circuit Seed are new and amazing circuit designs where we are changing the game for the electronics, semiconductor and cell phone industries. The simple fact is that analog mixed circuit design is hard, especially in low power supply voltage requirements in ultra-deep-sub-micron IC processes. Designs are complex, and not re-usable. The yields are poor and it often takes time to get them working effectively, and noise becomes a major issue. Circuit Seed allows semiconductor manufacturers to consider getting past the wall that Moore’s law presents.”

Circuit Seed’s new Complementary Field Effect Transistor (CiFET) designs are being used as building blocks for processing analog signals and have the following fundamental attributes: charge based, low power, low impedance, precision without precision parts (20-bit accuracy), no current mirrors, no matched pairs, no inductors, extremely linear, high exponential transresistance gain, high speed, low noise, extreme dynamic range, high parametric tolerance to process and temperature variation – all in a 100% digital process.

Simulation and silicon test results have demonstrated a dramatic reduction in heat and power, and better performance and higher accuracy – all with small integrated circuit footprints. The circuit designs are much simpler, and faster development reduces product costs; less testing is required and there are fewer parts to assemble. These circuits are also far more reliable in the newest CMOS processes, making Circuit Seed a real breakthrough for all device and semiconductor manufacturers.

Mr. Waite said, “We are fielding a number of requests by companies looking for ways to support the ever increasing demands from manufacturers to make products that are smaller, lighter, faster – products that consume less power, give off less heat and which are easier, quicker and less expensive to design, manufacture and test. I think Circuit Seed is the opportunity for companies to move beyond Moore’s law today and bypass those engineers in the semiconductor industry who believe that these changes will not be complete until 2020. We have the solution today, right here and right now.”

InventionShare is looking for manufacturing partners who want increased market share, profitability and competitive manufacturing advantages offered by licensing, partnering or acquiring the Circuit Seed family of circuit building blocks and establishing market dominance by moving beyond Moore’s law today.

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