Mr. Greg Waite, the CEO of InventionShare™, announced today that the combination of Circuit Seed and AcceleROUTE technologies ushers in a new era of high performance, low cost optical switches.

Circuit Seed is the next generation of digital CMOS building blocks for processing analog signals at low power and low power consumption with 20 bit resolution at logic speed with an exceptional tolerance for process variation and temperature.

AcceleROUTE is the next generation of optical switches for data centers, improving throughput up to a thousand times over current technology.  With AcceleROUTE, of the 100% control packets and 80% of data packets require only one hop. Network connectivity is simplified with better throughput, lower power consumption and there is a lower cost of ownership.  AcceleROUTE has more than twenty patents, with some of the inventions relating to optical switches and simulation results which have proven better performance claims under a variety of load conditions.  The inventor is a veteran Nortel researcher with over 100 patents published.

Circuit Seed processes analog signals at low power (<1V) and low power consumption, with 20 bit resolution at logic speed, with an exceptional tolerance for process variation and temperature.  These designs are 100% reusable and portable to small process nodes. They require no external transistors, capacitors or inductors eliminating the performance limitations of these components.  Development cycles are reduced and yields are much improved, reducing the time and cost to market. Circuit Seed has an impressive technical team with 20+ patents for analog devices, including the original pacemaker.

Mr. Waite said, “The combination of the AcceleROUTE and Circuit Seed inventions for data centers could increase throughput, equipment reliability and reduce the overall cost through use of less power and assist in developing the next generation of low cost, high performance optical switches.”

As an example, Circuit Seed building blocks could have a significant impact on the performance of optical components.  A photo diode could be connected directly to a Circuit Seed digital self-biasing trans-impedance charge mode amplifier.  Instead of using voltage that has a high parasidic capacitance to drive the amplifier, Circuit Seed uses a current that will result in a 50 to 100 times increase in speed. The expected performance is similar to Circuit Seed’s 100% digital Full Differential Op Amp design that delivers 20 bit resolution and is powerful enough to drive a 50 to 100 ohm output with a 1.8V power source consuming only 250 µw at 1.8V and with exceptionally low noise of only 160dB.

Surprisingly, the circuit is insensitive to variation in voltage offset, temperature and power voltage supply – and coupled with a high speed operation of 300 MHz to 1.6 GHz for single mode operation, and errors are barely noticeable.  The circuits are 100% re-useable and 100% portable to low IC process nodes.

AcceleROUTE addresses performance, throughput of up to a thousand times greater than current designs and energy costs which are the key drivers for new network data center designs. As the industry now knows, current designs are consuming enormous amounts of power due to high demand and slower processing speeds and there is seems to be no end in sight. Electricity costs are going up globally, and in many jurisdictions have doubled in the last ten years. The IoT and IoE boom, big data, cloud applications and a burgeoning future of sensors everywhere require massive investments in data center infrastructure and co-joining internetinfrastructure.

Mr. Waite said that “the next generation data centers will require a very simple architecture with less network congestion and complexity, they are going to need to be easier to manage and expand, and will require a better utilization of ports, less power consumption and better overall performance.”

AcceleROUTE technology has all these attributes and more, and can be implemented on a single or multiple router design as a data center or in a data center and co-exist with current technology. Circuit Seed can help improve performance and lower power utilization. Combined, these two inventions are a powerful force in providing the next generation of optical switches and these can be developed within a short time frame.

It is estimated that the time frame that for a first product for testing, evaluation, optimization and, ultimately, production is about 18 months.  This could be accomplished using a team of 8 hardware engineers and 16 software engineers. Mr. Waite also said that the Inventor would work full time with commercialization engineering teams to help develop a rapid go to market production process.

InventionShare is interested in partnering exclusively with one major company or a consortium. The patents can be purchased and InventionShare is interested in an outright purchase with modest carried interest in sub-licensing.

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