Greg Waite, CEO for InventionShare™, announced today that InventionShare’s new Circuit Seed™ family of inventions will allow for the design and development of more wearables technology product lines.

Wearable technology mainly concerns devices and apparel/textiles. Glasses, jewelry, headgear, belts, arm wear, wrist wear, legwear, footwear, skin patches, exoskeletons and e-textiles are involved and the device business is already large.

As the wearable electronics business powers from $20 billion in 2015 to almost $70 billion in 2025, the dominant sector will remain healthcare which merges medical, fitness and wellness.

Mr. Waite said, “Circuit Seed will allow medical and wearable companies to develop simpler mixed integrated circuits with fewer limitations, smaller size, better performance, higher stability, and greater dynamic range. Circuit Seed building block designs for processing analog signals also reduce the time and cost to design, test, manufacture and support low power devices. This is a significant breakthrough for the wearables market.”

The big advantage for the wearables market is that Circuit Seed circuits for processing analog signals are simpler to work with and do not require matched pairs or current mirrors, and will function on 40nm or smaller integrated circuits. The overall circuits are insensitive to parametric changes, making precision designs without precision parts a reality.

These circuits also run at logic speed and are self-biasing. They generally work over a large frequency range with high sensitivity and accuracy. Each benefit of the circuit design is not a trade off against other benefits but additive, in that you get all of the benefits, all of the time. Circuit Seed circuits will operate down to less than 0.1V using a 100% digital process. Using Circuit Seed designs can also dramatically reduce the 5-10 years it currently takes to train strong analog designers.

Mr. Waite said, “We can help wearable, health and e-textiles companies reduce the size of circuits, increase performance, allow for easier design and provide more power in all devices ultimately generating more demand and higher profits, making opportunities in the wearables market a reality.”

InventionShare is interested and engaged in developing partner relationships for this very important technology. Contact Keith Taylor, VP of Licensing and Acquisition, for further details.

About Circuit Seed
Circuit Seed™ is a new family of building block circuit designs for processing analog signals that includes a new CMOS Field Effect Transistor (CiFET) with unique properties. These designs all use 100% digital workflow components overcoming many of restrictions of traditional analog circuits. The inventors have an extensive track record of inventions and patents by finding unique ways to overcome circuit design problems.

About InventionShare
InventionShare™ provides inventors with funding, talent, expert processes to accelerate innovation, patent creation and monetization. Respecting that each of our inventors is the architect and mastermind behind the invention, we work with our inventors in a professional manner as partners helping them take their inventions to market.

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