Complementary Current-Injection Field-Effect Transistor

Technical Overview

A CiFET is a pair of Complementary iFETs connected at their Drain with a Common Gate and support 2 Non-Inverting Current Injection Ports (iPort)

Source Channel
  • Characteristic (Rin) Resistance

  • Absorbs iPort Input Energy

  • Constant Channel Current

  • High Conductance

  • Very High Speed

  • Low Noise

  • Wide Dynamic Range

Drain Channel
  • Reacts to iPort Input Current

  • Common-Gate Stage

  • Low Noise

NiFET (N-type Current Field Effect Transistor)

CiFET is 2 iFETs Connected with a Common Gate and 2 Current Injection Ports (iPort)

iPort Operation is similar to a BiPolar transistor: a base current is input into a Vbe.

The CiFET iIn is also valid in either direction as well as zero; yielding no crossover discontinuity.

All input modes are precisely linear & algebraically sum.

 The width to length ratios of the source and drain channels can be adjusted for different performance optimizations.

~3*Wider P-channels can balance out P-to-N mobility differences for electrical symmetry.

Abundant carrier sub-surface conduction provides high-speed with low resistance and low surface trap noise, without speed-limiting carrier velocity saturation.  Ultra-Linear transfer function is a result of complementary cancellation of higher-order terms.