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The experimentation of circuit fundamentals led to the discovery of the new seminal patented semiconductor platform technology, the Complementary Current-Injection Field-Effect Transistor (CiFET™), and the creation of the new invention company called Circuit Seed™. This invention company develops breakthrough circuit designs for processing analog signals using 100% digital components.

Circuit Seed has a substantial impact on the global semiconductor industry. Important areas of application are: health and life sciences, wireless communications, autonomous vehicles, and logic (logic gates, GPU, CPU and data-bus).

Low Power Consumption

Often 80%+ less, smaller battery or extended battery life

Low Thermal Budget​

Low power consumption generates less heat, reducing the need for shielding and heat sinks​

Wide Temperature Range​​

80%+ plus circuits are insensitive to temperature which eliminates the need for correction circuitry

No Changes to Manufacturing Process​​

100% CMOS digital components and workflow with existing tools

Linear Performance​​​

Without correction circuitry – further reducing complexity, power consumption, size, development and cost

Tuneable Device​

Allows a change in the ratio of the width/length of the source and drain channel of the CiFET for different performance requirements, reducing complexity

Wide Bandwidth​​

Supports more applications and allows more flexibility for filtering

Small Size and Less Complexity​

Simplifies development and testing, reducing the requirement for senior analog designers


Will work in all IC nodes including < 28nm

Less Cost​​​

NRE, development, testing, wafer size, higher yields, fewer BOM, higher reliability


This circuit, device and platform can be tuned for specific applications by adjusting the width and length ratio between the source and drain channel.

This results in a cost advantage (NRE, less complexity, fewer BOM, smaller wafer size, increased yields, and better reliability). Our simulations and test results demonstrate high tolerance to extreme temperature variation, while operating at very low power and generating less heat.

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Our Team

Robert C. Schober
CTO, Co-Founder

Susan M. Schober, PhD.
CIO, Co-Founder

Herbert M. Shapiro
Advisor, Co-Founder

Aaron Curry, PhD.
Chief Applications Officer

Timothy Richards
Invention Advisor

Eran Dor
Executive Advisor – RF Specialist

Thomas C. English, PhD.
Executive Advisor – RF Specialist

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